Your headline has one job

Yes, that’s it. Just one simple job.

Joe Sugarman – the copywriter’s copywriter – put it like this.

“The sole purpose of the first sentence in an advertisement is get you to read the second sentence.”

In his classic handbook, he likened writing an ad to getting a locomotive moving. Hard to start, but easier as momentum kicks in.

First sentence.

Second sentence.

Third sentence.

And so on.

I get that.

Writing thrillers is like pushing a car towards the crest of a hill. At the beginning, it’s your responsibility to get things moving.

Character, conflict and emotion.

I work hard to give the story life.

But then, the magic happens.

The story crests the hill – and starts moving on it’s own, bringing the readers with it!

The podcast below is the first in a short series about writing headlines, first lines, subjects lines etc.

It only has one job.

What about your story?