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I work with purpose-driven founders on story, strategy and copywriting. If you can’t afford the consultancy (I’ve been there), take a different path. This stuff matters.

The leaders, brands and businesses we love, tell better stories.

Before I dig into this, I want to highlight something obvious. There are plenty of successful businesses that DON’T Tell stories. For that matter, there are plenty of successful businesses with no personality whatsoever.

We all know companies like that.

But it’s not what we want.

That’s why the word ‘love’ is sitting right there in the headline. (By the way, it could just as well be ‘admire’, ‘trust’, ‘talk about’ or ‘buy from’.)

Because we want our clients, customers and prospects to feel something.

That’s what I help leaders do … leverage the power of story to build emotion in an audience. Excitement. Admiration. Hope. Trust.

The work is built on strategy, story and copywriting. Some clients start at the start, but most begin with a specific copy problem. Where would you fit?

Foundations & Core Messages

You are starting out, or need to rethink your messaging from first principles…

Elevator Pitch to Leader Legend

You have history, but need help to turn it into a story asset

Focused & Functional

Your words aren’t working. You need a fresh eye on your website, your ad or your email campaign.

Pricing and alternatives

My prices generally start at around £1,000, but I know that’s not for everyone. (I was there once). For seld-starters, I also offer free teaching and the legendary Story.Business series.

Conversation beats conversion

If you’re not sure whether this is what you need, that’s okay. Reach out and say hello.