I’m lucky. I work with clients who are smart, strategic and passionate.


Luke Murfitt - UK Entrepreneur of the Year, 2020.
Luke Murfitt
UK Entrepreneur of the Year, 2020.

“… the speech is absolutely fantastic and you must feel very proud. It really is motivating, challenging and inspiring many many people! … it’s written in a very clever way and the more I speak it the more I’m realising. You’ve taken my story and taken my brand to the next level!

Kim-Adele Platts
Kim Adele Platts
C-Suite Leadership Coach

“Nick has a unique ability to really understand your story and re-tell it in an engaging, inspiring and compelling way. I can’t recommend him highly enough, if you are looking to engage your audience.”

Thomas Power: Chairman & Board Member
Thomas Power
Chairman & Board Member

“Nick has been a godsend in my life. Nick is a superb analyst, observer and writer and … has allowed me to jettison the past and move onto pastures new. He’s just a thoroughly wonderful guy. Highly recommended.”

Grace Ong: Women's Leadership Coach
Grace Ong
Women’s Leadership Coach

“It’s been such a pleasure to work with Nick. He gets it right away. And his work, it is brilliant. How he condenses all of what I wanted to say and share into a 90-second clip, it’s nothing but amazing. Nick is the person to go to for your story.”

Phil J Argent: CEO, Entrepreneur & Technologist
Phil J Argent
CEO, Entrepreneur & Technologist

“Nick is simply brilliant, he has a superb ability to take the most complex information and turn it into a story that can run and run and run.

Can’t rate Nick highly enough.”

Carol-Anne Rice: Managing Director
Carol-Anne Rice
Managing Director

“This is perfect Nick – love the conversational tone – just right and light enough. Thank you.”

“Oh my. Just had an email saying “I have just read your story” and have booked a call!! Magic you are ✨”


Alex Pirie: Founder & Lead Rider at Nomadic Knights
Alex Pirie
Founder & Lead Rider at Nomadic Knights

“Good morning Nick. I received my first website subscription using our new set up at 21.59 last night. At 23.14, I received a response requesting information for a father and son to join one of our rides. The value of this sale will be between $10,000 & $12,000 USD. This is working already and I am very pleased. Thank you very much for your input and expertise. I feel very lucky.”

Jenny Rossiter: Founder & Executive Coach
Jenny Rossiter
Founder & Executive Coach

“Nick is brilliant. He’s smart and super kind. He’s helped me stepup and and step out, just when I needed it. If you want practical copy writing, stretching your strategic thinking or kicking out of your box, Nick is your man. Thanks Nick, you are awesome.”

Matt Goddard: Managing Director
Matt Goddard
Managing Director

“Nick has probably influenced my career and professional outlook more than anyone else. Treat people as you would want to be treated, be open, be honest and have integrity. Nick doesn’t just do business this way, he lives by these values.”

Public Speaking

Ali Brady - EDF
Ali Brady (EDF)
Customer Experience Manager at EDF Energy

“Nick led a webinar for us which went down a treat. He was engaging and lively, tailoring his story to ours and not being afraid to point out where we weren’t doing very well. He kept the audience involved and positioned storytelling to us in a way that made it completely realistic and relatable. I highly recommend Nick!”

Lucy Matthews: Founder, Marvellous PR
Lucy Matthews
Founder: Marvellous PR

“Now more than ever we need to show up as our authentic selves … Nick has a wonderful way of telling stories to help us understand the true value of stories in our marketing.”

Penny Power OBE
Penny Power OBE
Founder: Business Is Personal

“… When Nick turned this into words, it was mind-blowing, his writing is stunning. Nick’s amazing talent at this is something I want to encourage and evangelise.”

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