“We’d won clients around the world. I’d made it, but I was also laying awake at night wondering whether this was all there was?” – The Origin Story.

Okay, let’s start simple.

I’m Nick Warren. I help founders tell stories that build brands.

In 2020, I got a WhatsApp from Luke Murfitt, UK Entrepreneur of the Year.

You’ve taken my story and taken my brand to the next level!

*Actually, he said ‘Dude’.

He’d just given a keynote speech – one I’d written for him – and the audience had gone crazy for it. Why? Because we used a story to pry open their brains, reach inside and rummage around.

But not just any story. Luke’s story.

It would be easy to list the tools, techniques or science behind it – but at this level, that’s just a distraction from the takeaway…

Founders who tell better stories build attention, connection and trust.

And those stories mean business.

(Luke’s story generated huge PR, and leads into major UK retailers.)

But I know this too, first hand. In 1997, I founded a digital agency with nothing more than a story. And by 2018, when I sold it, we had clients around the world. No cold calls. No advertising. No marketing. No sales team. Not at any point.

For founders – especially when we are just starting out – it’s easy to get sucked into the shadier short-term tactics of digital marketing… the kind of thing that reduces people to numbers, and connection to conversion.

Even though – for many of us – that’s NOT the kind of business we want to build.

We want to build Attention, Connection and Trust (ACT). We want our audience to act because they feel drawn to us, not because we’re pushing.

And for that, we need stories.

What’s your story?

Beware, the path divides before you…

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