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Business storytelling is art, science and strategy. If you are looking to go deep, start with Story.Business. If shallow is more your thing, join the podcast(Or … if you just want to get things done, consider working with me.)

At the wheel
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Explore the art and science of business storytelling. The rabbit hole goes way deeper than you think.

18? Don't Grow Up. It's A Trap.
On Selling
Let me tell you a story.

“Grow up, Nick. You aren’t ruthless enough to build a business. You’d hate the sleazy selling.”

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The SMB Podcast
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The Library in Prague
The Glossary
100+ Storytelling Concepts

The Business Storytelling Glossary lists the concepts, ideas and definitions that use in my work. Your mileage will vary.

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Science of Story
Go Deeper Still

Papers, books and references related to storytelling science. You’ll need to grab a coffee before you get stuck in.

Seth Godin & Nick Warren
Seth Godin on Story
Legendary Marketer

Watch Seth and I talk storytelling, then dig deeper into 20 years of his insights.

“…if you want to engage with people emotionally, you’ve got to let them do most of the work of telling (the story)…”

Your Origin Story
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Learn to tell Your Origin Story with my simple, proven process.

Learn about the Course.

Planet Earth
Crafting Stories That Spread

There’s no magic bullet, but this is the simple checklist I use to tip the odds in my favour.

Bringing a metaphor to a knife fight
Metaphors That Cut Through

Great Metaphors engage, explain and persuade. Here’s the 3-Step Process I use when working with clients.

The Memory Palace

The Memory Palace is where I keep the ideas and insights that matter most. It’s a little weird, but here’s a dumb example.

Rants and Recollections

Most of these mini-courses have been brutally extracted from my podcast. No prisoners have been taken. Your mileage will vary.

The Hero's Journey
The Hero’s Journey

In 2020, I published a series of 19 podcasts on The Hero’s Journey, as revealed by Joseph Campbell in his 1949 classic, The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

Robert Mckee's Story Structure
Robert Mckee’s Story Structure

An 8-podcast series giving an overview of Robert Mckee’s view on story… particularly in relation to his excellent book, Storynomics.

Mistakes Founders Make
Mistakes Founders Make

In 2021, I published a series of podcasts on the Mistakes Founders Make … at least in terms of story. (Some of them got a little ‘ranty’!)

Business Myths (that won’t die)

A short (slightly rant) series of podcasts about business myths I still see all the time. First released in November 2021.

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