The Fish hook and the Question Mark

I got my first ‘real’ job, in 1995, on the basis of 3 qualifications.

In this order… I was cheap, I could write and I had my own PC.

The company was a small, scrappy video production house who were breaking into multimedia CD-Roms, and looking for canon-fodder.

I was still heartbroken about failing to get my dream job at 80s gaming legends Psygnosis, but that failure turned out to be blessing.

Because sitting in that small company, two desks over from the boss, taught me how business really worked.

He was an ex-BBC producer, a Scot, who could make anything happen as long as he had a phone.

And I had a ringside seat to every call.

Plus there was a second, even bigger advantage.

Rapid promotion.

Less than six months later I was leading the team building a new CD-Rom project.

(My boss believed that the ability to write showed an ability to think).

He made me a Producer, and that’s when I understood the value of job titles.

Which is what I’m talking about, it today’s podcast.