The 3 things that matter

I love it when ideas appear out of nowhere.

It’s the insight, little or large, that arrives unbidden, unforced and unexpected … like a gift from the Gods.

It happened to me over the weekend.

One second I was going about my day, the next there was a shiver … and a tiny piece of language fell into my lap … just a new way to explain the three things every piece of business communication can be measured against…

Head, heart and hands.

  • Head is the logic.

  • Heart is the emotion (story)

  • Hands is the action (what we want the audience to do next)

It’s no earth shattering revalation, but it works because of the simplicity, the specificity and the repetition of the ‘h’.

And in the long game of business, small things can make a difference over time.

Here’s the full podcast: