Surfing the Network Effect

One of the problems of short-term thinking is that it never really gets us anywhere.

Most easy tactics don’t work.

We spend a few days trying something before abandoning it to turn in another (shinier) direction.

There’s nothing to build on, just an endless series of restarts.

Long-term thinking is different.

First, we understand the basic truth that building things takes time.

And the early returns may be small (compared to the effort).

But with that understanding we can build strategically.

First the foundation – the minimum viable product.

Then the other components – the ‘stories’ that build credibility, insight and connection.

And as we build our simple machine, each component extends and multiplies the return.

I see this on my website, it’s like a network effect for business.

Research leads to insight, insight leads to a daily podcast, the podcast powers blogs and newsletters.

And each element amplifies the others, building a body of work that attracts clients and helps me deliver great results.

It’s hard work, but then suddenly … your surfing.