Eating more dog food

I’m eating my own dog food again, and it tastes juicy 😆

Yesterday, I mentioned how our tyrannical brains force us to focus on ‘problems’ and ignore the ‘good enough stuff‘ that REALLY needs fixing.

In my experience, this is an almost bottomless blind-spot, particularly as fixing things upstream (to make them sing) can often solve ‘weed’ problems downstream.

(We spend our lives solving problems in the weeds.)

Like you, I’m building my business brick by brick, and the reason I sit (alone and without friends) to do this thinking isn’t to sound smart, but to be smart.

So I’m not about to ignore my own advice.

I’ve gone after one ‘good-enough’ thing already in the last 10-days, and another is happening next week.

Here they are my first two actions:

  1. Upgrading my Podcast Recording Process (PRP) to improve sound quality and make editing easier.

  2. Refocusing on writing better headlines, titles and first sentences (coming to the podcast/blog next week).

As you can tell, I’m one of those ‘do as I do‘ kind of parents.

(As far as I’m concerned, if my kids don’t find me a bit annoying on any given day, I haven’t tried hard enough.)

Have a good day.