What are we doing here?


As it’s day one of 2021, I’ve been thinking about what we’re doing here with the StoryHacker podcast.

(As discussed, we’re way past short-term hacks at this point.)

But, the way I see it, the value comes down to three things. They’re NOT going to work for everyone, but that’s just fine with me.

Here’s what I’m aiming for:

  1. Teaching the power of storytelling in business.

  2. Exposing listeners to a daily theme, idea or insight.

  3. Demonstrating the value of a long-term perspective.

The first is self-evident, but the other two deserve some explanation.

I’ll start with the last.

Sadly, the long-term perspective is not much loved in the 2020s. We’d prefer our success now, today and with a cherry on top.

And there are plenty of folks happy to sell it to us. This tactic. That platform. Get rich quick. Promise. Promise. Promise.

But have you ever seen that really work?

Despite all the promises, do you know anyone living on a beach, drinking margaritas?

No. Me neither.

What works is work. Serving your tribe over the long term. Building your reputation, telling your story and showing up consistently.

StoryHacker is that idea, delivered daily.

And part of that is exposing my listeners – you guys – to new themes, ideas or insights.

Yes, we talk about storytelling, but also business, neuroscience, strategy, philosophy, psychology, art and more.


Because exposure to new ideas is a critical part of creativity. StoryHacker is whatever is on my mind that day … and I’m curious by nature.

I don’t care if it’s not actionable right now. (If you’re looking for fast-fixes you’re in the wrong place – literally and metaphorically.)

But new ideas do have an effect. The compost and compound into something way more valuable than one-size-fits-all success jumbo jumbo.

Here’s the podcast:

What about your story?