The Quick Draw Experiment


Hey there friends,

In the mid-seventies, when I was 6 or 7, I had a mate called Ian with an amazing talent.

He could draw.

I have a horrible memory, of us sitting together in our classroom drawing spaceships.

I knew I was good, my Mum had told me.

But then I saw his work.

It’s my earliest memory of comparison, of feeling like a failure.

My drawing was a collection of marks on the paper.

His looked like it could blast off at any moment.

And right then, I knew I was ‘no good’ at drawing.

Which was useful, of course, because it meant I didn’t have to try.

And if you don’t try, you don’t have to feel like a failure.

Well, it’s 45 years later, and I’ve decided to get back in the horse and add drawing to my talent stack.

In Scott Adams’ book, How To Lose At Everything And Still Win Big, he talks about the value of stacking expertise.

Simple example. It’s hard to become the number one copywriter, but if you combine being a great copywriter with other skills, say business and storytelling, it’s easier to own your niche.

What if you then add podcasting or speaking?

It’s hard to be the best at any of these things, but being better than average at a range starts to stack up.

So this year, I am adding drawing to my skillset.

Find out why – and how- in this podcast.


What about your story?