Putting the ‘work’ into networking

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It won’t surprise you to know that I have a LOT of books about storytelling.

Most of them, of course, contain broadly the same stuff.

Science … blah blah … evolution … blah blah … heroes journey … blah blah … structure … blah blah… proof … blah blah.

You get the idea.

But I keep buying and reading them because you never know when you’ll find a nugget that you’ve never seen before.

And that happened to me this week.

Esther Choy wrote a great book called “Let The Story Do The Work” – I recommend it.

Particularly the genius idea I found on page 174… which is SO RELEVANT if you struggle getting others to engage with the service you offer.

(Plus, I have to admit that I was little bit wrong about something.)

Here’s the full podcast:


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