It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s 3am.


Do you see this as weakness or strength?

Three nights ago, I left the house at 3am.

It was wet, dark and dismal.

Moments before, I’d been woken by an intruder.

A loud crack, as our mousetrap slammed shut downstairs.

Now I could hear the creature’s panic as it thrashed against its prison.

I wanted to turn over. I wanted to sleep.

But in the end, I got up, got dressed, and walked him to a nearby field.

We live in a world where empathy is often mistaken for weakness, but that’s wrong, dumb and dangerous.

Business success depends on our ability to see through other people’s eyes.

Empathy is no weakness — it’s a superpower we should search out, celebrate and nurture.

Even when it means getting up at 3am.How can we sell without deeply understanding those we seek to serve?


What about your story?