Illustrating strategy

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Yesterday, I was updating my services page, and decided to break away from the ‘selling’, to talk about what strategy means to me.

Which is something like…

Strategy = a flexible, systems-thinking approach to building long-term value.

The copy sat on the page just fine, but I wanted to illustrate what I meant… and ended up sticking in a picture of my half-renovated studio.

It was the perfect real world illustration of what I was talking about … because you can’t just ‘optimise’ the front door of a broken-down cottage and expect it to make a difference to the whole experience.

You have to take a systems approach.

(A plughole project management approach – see podcast below.)

This led to the creation, organically of a studio page… which triggers a little story all of it’s own … not just about strategy, but about me and the work I do.

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