I don’t care (enough) about headlines

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Okay, let’s wrap this headline thing up… at least for now.

I said that this was going to be a little different from the standard headline hackery you can find on the internet.

Which isn’t to say that templates won’t work.

Many will – at least for a time.

But they’re also a bit like beating your audience to death.

So we took a different path.

We went a little deeper, and talked about attention, the importance of the promise … and then tested some ideas against the real world.

It was fine, but overall, I’m giving myself a 7/10 for this week.

The most actionable lesson is also the most obvious.

I haven’t cared enough about headlines.

In truth, I know everything I need to do a better job … I just need to do one.

Hmmmm … maybe a 6/10.

But then … this feels is a lesson we NEVER need to stop learning.

99% of the challenges we have aren’t knowing problems, they’re doing problems.

Here’s the full podcast:


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