Hunting ‘good enough’



Three days ago, our cottage had a backlog in its septic tank system.

(If you don’t know what that is, you don’t want to know.)

But when it happens, it’s a problem.

We are forced to analyse the horror (beneath various manhole covers) to work out where the issue is.

Then we get a long pole (like a chimney sweep’s brush) and ‘rod’ the blockage out.

This reminds me of the way we used to deal with software problems. You aggressively narrow down the location of the problem, and – in my case – ask someone clever to fix it.

The keyword in both these cases is ‘problem’.

Because when problems arise, we fix them.

But how often do we fix things that are ‘good enough’?

Rarely, in my experience.

We stumble along with ‘good enough’ for weeks, month or even years … when there is gold lying just beneath.

Humans are weird.

What about your story?