First thoughts on Clubhouse

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They say that age brings wisdom, but after 26 years in digital, my ability to predict which platforms will boom or bust hasn’t noticeably improved.

And there’s a simple reason for that.

The world is complicated.

By definition, we never know what we don’t know.

Here’s a case in point.

Clubhouse – an audio meeting/broadcasting/listening platform – hit an inflexion point over the New Year, and the growth explosion is on.

Four days ago, I’d never heard of it. Yesterday, EVERYONE seemed to be talking about it.

I’ve dipped in and out (@nickwarren) and it’s been a pleasure to listen to (and learn from) some smart people.

Yesterday, for example, I got to hear a panel of people I respect talking about the service.

Some of clearly believe Clubhouse is a monster, set to swallow radio, podcasts, video and more.

Perhaps they are right, but my guess – based on history rather than insight – is that it will find a strong niche for certain kinds of people and activity.

Some Clubhousers will become stars, most will not.

Some businesses will experience massive growth through the service, most will not.

And that leads me to the one point I am comfortable making.

Humans have limited attention and the thing we are paying attention to RIGHT NOW always LOOMS LARGE.

It must be important because I am thinking about it,” is one of our most self-fulfilling blindspots.

So I’ll be keeping an eye on Clubhouse (because I’m curious by nature), but there is nothing here to challenging my plans for 2021.

The tools change, the strategy stays the same.

Do great work for great clients.

After 26 years in business, that’s one thing I do understand.


Are you leveraging the power of story?

What about your story?