Evolving the offer



“No plan survives first contact with the enemy.”

It may not be possible to choose a worse metaphor for dealing with clients, but stick with me.

As I’ve said before, there seem to be three levels of marketing:

  1. Trying to persuade people to like our stuff.

  2. Trying to find people who would like our stuff.

  3. Trying to create stuff that people deeply want.

Smart businesses, of course, looks to the third level.

Over the past few days I’ve been talking about additions and evolutions to Stories Mean Business.

This is another small step.

When I launched the business in 2018, I decided to put ‘story’ first because that’s where my heart truly lay.

It still does, and yet the relegation of copywriting now feels like an overreaction.

Because those to things really go together, and the in real world, copy often comes first.

Because copywriting jobs can start very small.

And it’s a great way for a client to try me out, and for me to try a client out.

So over the next few days, the work with Nick is going to see big update… in emphasis and approach.

What about your story?