Small builds big


As covered here, creativity is mostly about mixing things together and seeing what we get.

(Eat ideas, let them compost down and watch for connections or insights.)

But in 2021 I’m going a little further and learning to draw. My hope is that this new way of seeing will give me a different set of insights (not to mention a new skill on my skill stack.)

I’m sharing what I learn here each Sunday.

The first insight is the simplest, and it’s something we’re already very familiar with on StoryHacker – small builds big.

I’m not spending a ton of time on this.

I have built small drawings into my daily routine (for the Blog).

And I’m doing deeper lessons when I can – once or twice a week.

As with the podcast, the website and almost everything else – small builds big.


This rough and ready podcast is free and happily given, but if you want to buy me a coffee from time to time… have at it.