After 28 days, Bridgerton is the most watched drama on Netflix.

Because it’s all good. Story. Script. Acting. Eye candy. Sex. Sets. Laughs.

And not surprisingly, it perfectly captures the Hero’s Journey.

Daphne must leave her safe, Georgian childhood, brave the unknown world of London’s social scene, secure a husband, and ‘return home’ with her ‘treasure’.

Albeit in a wonderfully fantastic version of London where it barely ever rains.

And surely, this is another reason for the programmes success.

It’s 30th January 2021, and in the UK it is cold, damp and raining all over our third lockdown.

Great stories reflect us and transport us.

Bridgerton does both.

Also, the sex reminded me of a funny childhood memory, but maybe I’ll leave that for the podcast…

What about your story?