Arguing with my wife



My wife and I have been arguing for 21 years – which, for the avoidance of ALL DOUBT, makes me a ridiculously lucky guy.

We have a kind of greatest hits tracklist, the classic arguments that come around again and again and again.

One of them goes like this.

I look at some tree or shrub in the garden, and say, “This is getting out of hand … we need to cut it back.”

Wendy will then make a face that suggests I’m about to sacrifice our first-born child and say something like … “What are you talking about? It’s beautiful. Leave it alone.”

Usually… because I’d prefer to be reading … I leave it alone.

But of course, you can’t do this forever.

Over the past five years, we’ve slowly lost a necessary garden path to an (admittedly beautiful) Acer tree – and something HAD to happen.

So it happened yesterday.

I went after it with a brutal intensity.

The result is not unlike the lockdown haircut I gave myself last year.

Extreme and unattractive.

The point, of course, is that there are two ways to trim a tree.

Slowly, regularly and carefully.

Or all at once, in an orgy of brute force and destruction.

The first is infinitely better than the second.

In 2021, I’m learning to draw, and I’m doing it little by little every day and seeing decent progress.

Shape. Shading. Creativity.

Building my skills and understanding, brick by brick.

And I love it.

After 21 years, I’ll grudgingly admit that my wife is right about almost everything … but whether you are building a business, learning to draw or telling your story… do something small today.

Then tomorrow.

Then the day after that.

What about your story?