852: Why We Wander

Bob Iger’s Masterclass is excellent … even if most of us aren’t ever going to manage a multinational brand like Disney.

(Iger was CEO from 2005 to 2020, reinvigorating Disney animation with the Pixar acquisition, then adding Marvel, Star Wars and 20th Century Fox. Not to mention quintipling the value of the company from around $50 billion to $250 billion.)

But we can still learn from smart people, and one of the things I loved it that Iger put Curiosity top of the list of the traits he valued for leaders.

That’s one of the reasons this podcast jumps around so much, and reminds me of the quote from Harvey S. Firestone.

“I notice that when all a man’s information is confined to the field in which he is working, the work is never as good as it ought to be. A man has to get a perspective, and he can get it from books or from people — preferably from both. This thing of sleeping and eating with your business can easily be overdone; it is all well enough—usually necessary—in times of trouble but as a steady diet it does not make for good business; a man ought now and then to get far enough away to have a look at himself and his affairs.”


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