823: Start Learning Simple

I talk a lot about books on this podcast, but I want to make something clear. When it comes to learning, I start simple.

In a world with too much content, curiosity can be a curse … or at the very least an off-ramp to distraction. Before I read an author’s book, I’ll often read a summary, watch a YouTube video or looking for a diagram of key concepts.

I’m 51. I don’t have time to dive into everything.

Often, the key concepts are all you need … especially when it comes to business books.

If they grab me, I’ll go deeper. If not, I move on.

For example, I’ve not read Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, but I understand the key concept well enough to be building my life around it.

There’s a lot of snobbishness around book summaries and takeaways, but smart people know that the best way to learn is to start simple.

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