814: Punched in the Face

Years ago, a client of mine got a call from a journalist. The reporter wanted to sample her service and write it up for a national UK newspaper.

But there was a problem. The deadline was looming. Could my client fast-track delivery?

“Sure,” my client said. “No problem.” She knew that the exposure could make all the difference to her fledgling brand.

A month ago, a different client released a new course into the world. It was brave and personal … and honest about what it was (and wasn’t).

A week ago, a different client again, put a meme out on social media. It was an old time gag from a classic UK comedy – the kind of thing that had zero chance of offending anyone.

Except … someone was offended, and complained loudly on social media.

Just like the person who bought my client’s course, then demanded a refund when it turned out to be brave and personal.

Or the journalist, who used the fast-tracked sample to write a hatchet piece in the Daily Mail.

A couple of days ago I was speaking to a client about boxing, which I know nothing about.

He gets into the ring from time to time, and said something interesting.

“To be a good boxer, you have to get comfortable with moving forward … even though you know you’re going to get hit in the face.”

Yes, I thought. I get that.

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