778: Magic Goes Wrong (and right!)

In many ways, Stories Mean Business is an ongoing argument for depth.

Yesterday, Wendy and I went to see Magic Goes Wrong, a show by the Mischief Theatre Company … but co-written with Penn and Teller!

As in all their plays (so far) the audience is treated to actors playing … actors (or in this case magicians) who are putting on a show that is falling down before their eyes.

Often literally.

And as things fail, in funnier and funnier ways, what we get is … depth. The sense that we are looking through the surface of something into the truth below.

The very human truth.

Which is pretty close to how I feel about storytelling in business. When we break out of the bullet-point mindset, we get the chance to go deeper, to create a connection, and to build trust.

And trust is rocket-fuel for business (as I may have mentioned before).

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