765: Ted Lasso – Season 2

We’ve just finished watching season 2 of Ted Lasso, and loved it.

The whole show – from the basic premise to the interplay of characters – is a study in contrasts.

You can see it in the basic premise – American Football Coach vs. British Soccer. You can see it in the tone, American Enthusiasm vs. British Cynicism. You can see it in the dialogue … schmaltz vs. swearing (often in front of kids).

The contrast creates tension, conflict and drama … not to mention huge amounts of laughter.

But the most important lesson, for us, is that it also creates depth.

When we are telling a story about our business, we aren’t just telling one … we’re creating depth, a mythology in the service of a wider narrative.

And as with mythology, each story can show a side of our business and our character. Different stories will connect with different people.

This is the arena where you get to beat big business … where you show depth and personality in a way that is so hard for them.

Use it.

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