754: You Are Not Your Offer

Yesterday, I talked about the power of telling stories within stories.

Today, I want to relate that to our world – to business.

Why bother? What’s the value?

It’s a good question, but I want to turn it around and ask you one.

How do you show up in the world, right now?

Here’s how a lot of people do it.

“I’m Nick, and I do X.”

If you jump onto LinkedIn and do some searches you’ll see this all over the place.

We show up as offers, not people.

And that’s a problem because a) everyone’s doing it, and b) it doesn’t really work. These profiles are easy to bounce off. If the person glancing at you doesn’t need your particular thing at that moment, they’re gone.

Which, ironically, is why so many people use that format in the first place … fear that if we don’t PROMOTE OURSELVES right then and there, we’ll lose the chance forever.

But that’s bullshit.

That’s short-term thinking.

And even if it was true, do you want to live that way?

Despite the gurus teaching us about funnels and short-term tactics, we have no way of knowing how we might connect with other human beings. My About page showcases an origin story, but it also includes stuff about sailing, Mensa, building renovation and travel.

Offers are short-term and (often) two-dimensional. We need to be deeper than that. I demand that you are deeper than that.

This is life.

You are more than your offer.

You are more than one story.

As the poet said, “I contain multitiudes.

And so do you.

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