750: Where Did We Meet?

In my origin story, I talk about the realisation that I’d built my first business by telling stories.

You might think it a little weird that it took so long – given what I do now – but the truth is that ’our story’ didn’t feel that remarkable at the time. We were a web design agency that built websites.

You may also remember the metaphor I’ve mentioned before … that a great brand is like a bell. Wherever you hit it, it rings the same note.

The thing I’d missed back then, was that the story we were telling wasn’t about the product (web designers were everywhere) … but the service … over months, years and eventually decades. That’s what made us remarkable.

And the service wasn’t a tactic. It was who we were. So it didn’t matter where or when someone came into contact with us.

They got the real deal.

This is episode 750 of the podcast.

Whenever you joined us along the way, you’ve gotten the real me. I’m proud of that … and I hope you enjoy this episode.

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