746: The Bad Review

Here’s a couple of reviews I just read on Amazon:

Izzy wizzy, let’s get bored really quickly.
Three hundred pages of derivative, shallow and turgid prose for seven year old children from an author who seems permanently to wear a medium weight chip on her shoulder

rubbish stuff
them posh wizards going to a fancy school
if only they would see proper english school
personally i would take their wands and… oh

As you may have guessed, these were for Harry Potter and the Philisophers Stone. Right now, on Amazon.co.uk, that book has 36,000+ reviews with an average of 4.8 Stars.

The lesson? You can’t make something that everyone likes. As Seth Godin says, in Small Is The New Big:

“When I get a bad review, my feelings are hurt. After all , it would be nice if a critic said that a title of mine was a breakthrough, an inspirational, thoughtful book that explains how everything, from politics to wine, is marketed through stories . The lesson here is this: If I had written a boring book, there’d be no criticism. No conversations. The products and services that get talked about are the ones that are worth talking about.”

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