745: Tell Them You Love Them

A year ago, I saw my Dad for the last time.

And today, we’re taking our youngest to start her university career.

In both cases, I was lucky. I had the time and space to get myself ready for the loss, and enjoy them while they were around.

2,000 years ago, Epictetus, the slave and stoic philisopher, wrote:

At the times when you are delighted with a thing, place before yourself the contrary appearances. What harm is it while you are kissing your child to say with a lisping voice,“To-morrow you will die”; and to a friend also,“To-morrow you will go away or I shall, and never shall we see one another again”?

I’m not a fan of telling your kids they are going to die, but telling them you love them (loudly and often) … is a big part of what life is about.


What about your story?