729: Building Progressive Engagement

Well-told stories start when something happens. That something knocks the hero’s life out of balance, and they are forced to take action … usually something small… to get it back on track.

But the small action backfires, triggers a BIGGER REACTION, and things get worse. More tension. LESS BALANCE … and the need to take an even BIGGER ACTION.

So it goes, building and building, until the end.

Likewise in the journey of our prospect, we want to start with small actions, and increase them carefully.

Start too big and we’ll lose them immediately, fail to build tension/value, and we’ll lose them later.

I’ve been talking to a client about his process – specifically the process by which he turns cold traffic into sales.

And there’s a kink, a catch … a point of friction.

He needs to build progressive engagement, rather than going right for the kill.

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