703: Mentor, method, mechanism

I’ve talked a lot about the two stories that matter – the one the prospect tells about their life (if they buy what you are selling) … and the one they tell themselves about you, and your ability to deliver on your promises.

Until now, these have been two overlapping circles in my head.

But this week, I got clearer about the relationship.

In his Storybrand structure, Donald Miller makes it clear that businesses should position themselves in the mentor role of the client story … which makes sense … essentially if we see the mentor as encompassing other methods or mechanisms that aid the Hero’s Journey towards the ‘treasure’.

In the end, this is the intention of every successful business … they sell a product or service that eases the customer’s journey to their goal.

So the way the stories fit together for founders is pretty simple.

The treasure we won in our story (insight, invention etc) becomes the mentor, method, mechanism for theirs.

Thus, our story sits above, and slightly back from their story, with a link that drops down from our treasure to their mentor stage.

As an idea, this is simple and powerful.

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What about your story?