692: Humans have Autocomplete

Stories are proven to hold attention, and one reasons why is the constant need to make predictions about what happens next.

This is a super important survival skill, and ‘story’ is the purest form of training because, in a well-told story, everything that happens matters.

There’s no noise in a well-told story, it’s ALL signal.

Yesterday, I was typing into my phone and smiling as the Autocomplete got it wrong, that humans are just like that. We have Autocomplete that’s ‘on’ all the time, and sometimes we get things wrong.

This is why it’s so important to tell great stories, because without a well-structured narrative we risk our PCCs (prospects/customers/clients) getting the wrong idea, and leaving us behind.

When we tell a good story, their autocomplete is right on the money. When we don’t, they’ll get us wrong and leave.

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What about your story?