691: How do you 10X the value of your product

Last week, a friend put me onto his favourite clothing brand L’Estrange, and said something that got me interested.

“They have a really interesting ethos.”

Full disclosure. I’m not into clothes. I standardised on jeans and black t-shirts a while ago, but I went to the website to see what story [[L’Estrange]] was telling.

Turned out of be very interesting. To summarise…

“Fast fashion has created a wasteful, throwaway culture. Most clothes are worn less than ten times. We’re doing things differently.”

For comparison, in my local supermarket I can get a black t-shirt for £4. But because I want better quality I pay £20 at Landsend. At L’Estrange a basic black t-shirt costs £40.

What’s the difference? The quality obviously, and therefore the longevity … but also the story you’d be telling yourself about the kind of person you are. You’d wear a L’Estrange t-shirt without any visible branding (which is the other way businesses 10x the value of cloth) … and only you would know.

That plus the remarkable fact that l’Estrange actually offers to try to fix their clothes if something wears out.

All these things mean that when I next need a t-shirt I’ll be giving them a try.

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What about your story?