690: When advertising works

Most people claim that advertising doesn’t work on them – perhaps mostly because the majority of the ads we see are not ‘for’ us.

But I want to talk about a particular time it did work on me – 20 years ago.

I was on a train reading a magazine, and I came across an ad for Hugo Boss Cologne.

The ad was a ‘scratch-and-sniff’ thing, and it smelt good, but the copywriter didn’t try to sell me on the smell or even the brand.

Instead the line was TOTALLY focused on me and the story I might tell. It was something like…

Take the first step towards the new you.

Read that line again and ask yourself, who doesn’t want to reinvent themselves in some way … smarter, funnier, better looking. Sure, this is a small step. But it’s a step…

I talk often about the two stories we are telling, but it’s clear which one is preeminent. The story your client is telling about their life, if they buy what you are selling.

Show notes at: https://StoriesMeanBusiness.com/podcast/690-when-advertising-works

What about your story?