The Lighthouse Conversation

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If you keep your ears open you hear things.

In my, case, it’s not usually the hearing that’s the problem.

It’s the processing.

For example, back in the late summer a client said something to me.

It was just an off-hand remark at the time, but it kept circling in my brain.

This is what he said.

“It’s like we’re already having a conversation.”

He wasn’t talking about the two of us, he was talking about the response he was getting to some work we’d done together.

It was a simple thing – an automated email.

We’d taken a boiler plate ‘thank you for signing up’, and made it more personal, more open and more honest.

He had started getting replies to that automated email … like there was already a conversation.

And sales followed. Big ones.

Of course, this was good news for both of us, but like I say… his words kept pulling at my brain life a fishhook.

And then – BING – I had a thought.

Which I talk about in today’s podcast.

What about your story?