265: Visualise Your Work

Your Bad Transcript

Hey there friends. It’s Nick. It’s episode 265 of the story hacker podcast now yesterday I suggested that you create like a sketch map of your digital content

and it’s okay.

I know listen. I know you didn’t do it don’t worry,

but I know you didn’t do it, but I want to talk about the principle why it matters,

you know, and this if you remember is in service to the ran I had a

couple of days ago about how how easy it is

for us to mistake.

The the technical solution to a problem for the solution and how content has become devalued.

And why that’s nuts. Remember I went on a bit of a rant about that.

Anyway, she’s me I want to talk about the principle behind creating this sketch map

because it’s a principle that goes out Beyond content

and storytelling what have you

and that and it sort of the principal is I guess kind of visualize your work.

now if you listen to this podcast

for a while, you’ll know that I’m sort of weirdly fascinated with lean

manufacturing it given given that I’ve never had a job in manufacturing

or indeed or indeed been very lean,

but I’m really interested in how those all those companies do efficient work.

I got interested when I was running the agency and we were struggling.

Oh my God, we were struggling

so much trying to trying to get everything done

and done well and done on time

and all those kind of things and One of the big challenges is of course that you know,

if you’re building a car, for example,

you know and Toyotas always brought up

as the company that kind of came up with with lean the lean kind of

methodology which is really about getting rid of waste.

But if you’re building a car is a known process and you know,

you’re building an X number of these things and you know,

you can work out what the best order is to do each part

and you can gradually get If the waste from each of those processes not just the physical waste,

of course the waste in terms of things like inventory that you don’t need in

terms of time in terms of motion in terms of you know,

all kinds of different different things. There’s

seven or eight waist depending on who you talk

to but it doesn’t work so well in knowledge work

or the kind of thing where every website is different every,

you know web page. It’s got different content on it.

The story is you know is always different for everybody,

right? But but there is there are principles that we can take

and one of them is this massively important one which is visualize your

work and some of you may remember the edge of your seat Cliffhanger episode where I reorganized

my shed and but you know,

one of the things about that one of the things about that process is if

is if you’re real good losing all your stuff.

You want it ordered and you want it visible

What about your story?