1: Using gaps to build tension

In the first episode we’re starting small, talking about how gaps build tension. It’s GCSE Results Day in the UK… and Nick’s daughter is waiting to find out her results. Tension is high.

00:02 This is Nick Warren from the StoryHacker.TV podcast. This is episode one.00:06 One of the things we try and do in stories obviously is create tension … and
tension is usually…00:15 … It’s usually….
00:17 … Uh…
00:17 ….
00:17 It’s a gap just like that was.
00:21 It’s a gap between what the audience knows already and what will happen next. So we’ve got an example of that going on today. Today in the UK is GCSE results
day. It’s exam day. My daughter is 16 and she gets her results in about an hour and 10 minutes time. And as you can imagine, there is tension crackling through the house at the moment because we don’t know what she’s going to do. And it’s funny but, four or five years ago I told both the kids my, um, my belief that exams don’t really matter and that’s backed up by the fact that I didn’t do terribly well any X and I was a kid and I’ve done all right in life.
01:09 And I think the, the important thing over all the years of work that they both did, um, before their exams is showing up, doing great work and being
consistent. And regardless of how well those two or three weeks went for either of them actually doing the exams, they both proved, that they can show up, they can do great work and they can be consistent.
01:34 So when we’re talking about stories, we are talking about the fact that, very often the thing that hooks us, the thing that keeps us in the story is wanting to
know what happens next. Well, in an hour and 10 minutes time, we’re gonna know what happens next for, for Abbey, for my daughter. And we’ll see.
01:55 I hope wherever you are, you are having a good day. You are showing up, you do great work and you’re being consistent because my friends, that is the key to
a great story.
02:05 This is Nick Warren for story hacker TV because stories mean business.

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