The Hero’s Journey

In 2020, I published a series of 19 podcasts on The Hero’s Journey, as revealed by Joseph Campbell in his 1949 classic, The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

I undertook the journey with the listener, reading a chapter at a time and then talking through my thoughts. It was an education.


Mapping Out The Monomyth

The Stages of the Hero’s Journey

The Call To Adventure

The Refusal of the Call

Supernatural Aid

Crossing the Threshold

Belly of the Whale

The Road of Trials

Meeting with the Goddess

Woman as Temptress

Atonement with the Father


The Ultimate Boon

Refusal of the Return

The Magical Flight

Rescue from Without

The Crossing of the Return Threshold

Master of Two Worlds

Freedom to Live

Wrapping Up

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