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Since 2019, I’ve offered free story training under the StoryHacker brand. (In addition to fulfilling my manifesto commitment, it helps me feel good about the prices I charge for Tell Your Story, and my consultancy work😉)

Video Lessons

Basic Story Structure

Learn how to structure a story over 5 short videos.

Advanced Tools & Techniques

21 lessons to help you take your story deeper.

Audio Lessons

The Hero's Journey

In 2020, I published a series of 19 podcasts on The Hero’s Journey, as revealed by Joseph Campbell in his 1949 classic, The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

Robert Mckee's Story Structure

An 8-podcast series giving an overview of Robert Mckee’s view on story… particularly in relation to his excellent book, Storynomics.

Mistakes Founders Make

In 2021, I published a series of podcasts on the Mistakes Founders Make … at least in terms of story. (Some of them got a little ‘ranty’!)

Your 90-Second Story

What do you say after you’ve shaken hands? This series is taken from the Stories Mean Business Podcast (previously StoryHacker), episodes 236-240.

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