Your Origin Story (The Course)

Create your authentic, engaging story in 7-days.

“… could only be described as “DY-NA-MITE. This training is not just for an origin story, it impacts all my writing…” – James

Okay, I wanna come right out and say it.

I’m proud of this course.

It’s built around 3 levers that changed my life: Storytelling, Simplicity & Momentum.

But I know that some people are really going to hate it.

There are no pretty worksheets, no video lessons, and no walled gardens to make us all feel special.

This isn’t about that.

This is about the hard, emotional work of crafting our origin story.

7 days. 8 emails. 11,000 words. 5-6 hours of work.

That’s the distance.

And it’s okay if you don’t have the time right now.

You shouldn’t buy the course.

And it’s okay if you don’t have the money right now.

I’ve been there (and I wouldn’t want you to buy this course).

And I understand if you are here looking for some ‘magic story’ dust so you can make money fast … but whatever you do, don’t buy this course.

This isn’t for you and that’s okay.

I’d prefer to sell it to the people it’s right for … and there are plenty of them.

It’s for people who understand the power of pushing against their comfort zone.

It’s for people who are tired of short-term tactics that never deliver.

It’s for people who are searching for a foundation.

If that’s you, read on.

How does it work?

It’s simple. When you enrol, you get an email.

That’s Lesson 1.

24 hours later you get Lesson 2.

And so on for a week.

Each email delivers insight, tasks and examples. The content mixes storytelling with strategy, marketing with philosophy, and copywriting with neuroscience.

But all in the single-minded pursuit of progress.

Here’s the 8-email syllabus (along with the estimated effort). The 9th stage is for those who’ve opted for one-to-one reviews.

  1. Welcome – 20 minutes
  2. Strategy – 25 minutes
  3. Story Structure – 30 minutes
  4. Resonance – 45 minutes
  5. Your First Draft – 60 minutes
  6. Earthworks – 60 minutes
  7. Polish – 60 minutes
  8. Treasure (no homework)
  9. One-to-One Call (if selected)

Of course, this is just email, so if life takes a tumble you can go at your own pace.

Price (and simple guarantee)

Three Options

  • The Course ($150 + tax)
    8 emails as set out above. This is all most people need.
  • The Course + Nick Feedback ($400 + tax)
    All 8 emails + 45-minutes one-on-one to discuss your story.
  • The Course + Nick Feedback & Edit ($750 + tax)
    All 8 emails + 90-minutes of my time to discuss/polish your story.

The cart will add the legal sales tax/VAT for your location.

There’s no hard sell here. If this isn’t for you please check out my free content. If you take the leap I offer the same simple guarantee I’ve offered since 1997. If you aren’t happy, I’ll refund your money.

That’s the whole pitch. Storytelling, Simplicity, and Momentum.

Are you ready?

Join Your Origin Story

P.S. Some people ask why the course is delivered via email, rather than hidden in a vault somewhere. The answer is that I like things friction-free.

Yeah, but … can’t people just steal your stuff?

I guess so, but most of us have more to fear from obscurity than piracy.

Bottom line. This course is one side of a multiplication sum. It’s powerful, but without the other side (which is your willingness to do the work) the result is still nothing.

You can steal one, but not the other.