The simple guarantee

For almost 25 years, I’ve given my clients the same guarantee.

We only invoice happy clients.

If you aren’t happy with our work for any reason, at any time, you can walk away without charge.

That’s it.

As a copywriter in the nineties, I’d seen ‘risk-reduction’ strategies applied to direct response marketing of all sorts, but when I began to build my fledgling agency in 1997, things were different.

These projects could run to tens of thousands of pounds.

But in the beginning, we didn’t have the portfolio of success stories to give prospects confidence, so we needed something to move them from “maybe” to “yes”.

The simple guarantee was born.

Over 20 years, that process won us clients around the world, and more success stories than we could ever need.

So … why do I still use it now?

Because the guarantee had a side effect that I never expected.

It forced me – and later taught me – to focus on the thing that really mattered.

Not the short-term, sales-focused approach to business.

But the long-term, strategic approach that’s captured in these 6 words.

Do great work for great clients.

So that’s what we do.

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