Seth Godin on Criticism

This is part of the Seth Godin on Story wiki to mark the 1,000th episode of the SMB podcast. Check out my chat with Seth or dive in below. The comments, highlights and affiliate links are mine.

This is a short page, but these two ideas have resonated so much for me. They were particularly useful in 2016, when I released my first novel.

I admit it. When I get a bad review, my feelings are hurt. After all, it would be nice if a critic said that a title of mine was a breakthrough, an inspirational, thoughtful book that explains how everything, from politics to wine, is marketed through stories.

The lesson here is this: If I had written a boring book, there’d be no criticism. No conversations. The products and services that get talked about are the ones that are worth talking about.

Small Is The New Big (2006) – Seth Godin

FEEDBACK is either a crutch or a weapon. Use feedback to make your work smaller, safer, and more likely to please everyone (and fail in the long run). Or use it as a lever, to further push yourself to embrace what you fear (and what you’re capable of).

V Is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone (2012) – Seth Godin

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