Some people – way too many – think copywriting is this kind of nonsense.

17 Ways YOU can SCREW up YOUR Copy! (You WON’T believe No.9!)

To be clear, this is not the kind of copy I write.

But neither is it the kind of business you want to build … right?

Good, so let’s start again.

The first date

In a perfect world, strategy and story would always come first, but in reality it’s often useful to start with copy.

  • A landing page.
  • An ad.
  • A social profile.
  • An email sequence that sucks.

The goal is simple. A first date (but not in a weird way.) Do you like my work? Do I like working with you?

My process for copywriting is straightforward. Drop me a line below. If it feels like there’s a fit, we’ll arrange a call and talk options. I’m very open on price – no BS. Most of my work starts at around £1,000.

I’ll also ask questions because strategy is the core of what I do and storytelling is the heart.

If that’s not for you, no problem. It isn’t for everyone, and I offer plenty of free thinking and teaching if you want to go it alone.

No judgment. I’ve been there.

And if we don’t click – no problem. All my work is covered by a simple guarantee.

Drop me a line

Since 1997, my strategy has been pretty simple: Great work for great clients.

For me, both parts of that hold equal weight. I’m fortunate enough to be a busy guy, which means that I don’t work with everyone.

If you are struggling with your copy, drop me a line.

Client stories…

Carol-Anne Rice: Managing Director
Carol-Anne Rice
Managing Director

“This is perfect Nick – love the conversational tone – just right and light enough. Thank you.”

“Oh my. Just had an email saying “I have just read your story” and have booked a call!! Magic you are ✨”

Alex Pirie: Founder & Lead Rider at Nomadic Knights
Alex Pirie
Founder & Lead Rider at Nomadic Knights

“Good morning Nick. I received my first website subscription using our new set up at 21.59 last night. At 23.14, I received a response requesting information for a father and son to join one of our rides. The value of this sale will be between $10,000 & $12,000 USD. This is working already and I am very pleased. Thank you very much for your input and expertise. I feel very lucky.”

Jenny Rossiter: Founder & Executive Coach
Jenny Rossiter
Founder & Executive Coach

“Nick is brilliant. He’s smart and super kind. He’s helped me stepup and and step out, just when I needed it. If you want practical copy writing, stretching your strategic thinking or kicking out of your box, Nick is your man. Thanks Nick, you are awesome.”

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