What have you ‘phoned in’?

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A client of mine sent me some of their competitor research…

They’d been testing how rivals responded to email enquiries.

It turned out the news was good

The rivals were terrible.

In one case, a company had responded to a specific question with a catalogue and a boiler-plate message.

No engagement. No personality. (No chance of a sale.)

It was a classic ‘phoned-in’ email.

A ‘good-enough’.

An ‘it-will-do’.

And for a while it made me feel good, because the work we’ve been doing is in another league.

(A much much better one … in case that wasn’t clear.)

But then the ‘blurggg’ set in.

Suddenly, I was thinking about all the times I’ve said, ‘good-enough’ … or …. ‘this-will-do-for-now’ … or … ‘I’ll-come-back-and-do-this-properly-later’.

Like now, for instance…

(Here’s the podcast).

What about your story?