Is there a business muse?

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Got your coffee. Good. Me too…

Yesterday, I talked about insights that appear (as if) from nowhere.

The random gifts from the gods of creativity.

But what if we could trigger them on demand?

Interesting question, especially now … because I’m currently going through a fantastic process with the guys at

Along with others, I’m designing a product from the ground up.

And it starts, as you may remember, with finding out what people want.

Their jobs. Their pains. Their gains.

Andrê and Shawn (the guys behind the site) approach business in a fantastically unique way. Once we have done a deep dive into the heads of our target market, we’ll be doing a kind of automatic writing marathon to expose the ‘gifts’ hidden in our subconscious.

Sound familiar.

It’s similar to the Morning Pages practice described in Julia Cameron’s perennial bestseller, The Artist’s Way.

Here’s the full podcast:

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