702: Homeostasis and the Ordinary World

Homeostasis is one of the key concepts in biology – the idea that organisms and ecosystems work to stay in balance.

(This is VERY similar to [[Robert Fritz]]’s idea that Tension Seeks Resolution.)

We’re no different. When your body temperature drops, your Hypothalamus sends the muscles an instruction to shiver. That’s homeostasis in action.

And it isn’t just the unconscious, biological stuff. Despite our constant desire for change it’s striking how little change there actually is. At least, not the big stuff.

I’ve said before that there’s a lot of wisdom buried in The Hero’s Journey. To grow and be rewarded we need to move out of the ordinary world (homeostasis), however much we might want to stay safe.

We need to strain against the narrowing circle of our comfort zone. That it will narrow to a single place, a single moment and a single breath is inevitable – but when that happens, is not.

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